Our main routes


We are a specialized freight forwarding company (mostly carrying dangerous (ADR) cargo) transporting various goods both in Lithuania and abroad. Our many years of experience puts us in a position to offer high quality and suitable transportation of your goods.

Security is guaranteed by cargo insurance.
ROKAUTA’S liability under the CMR Convention is insured in the most reliable Lithuania’s insurance company If P&C Insurance AS up to EUR 260 000. (If necessary, the cover can be increased to your required amount). ROKAUTA is one of the oldest members of the Lithuanian National Road Carriers Association Linava and enjoys all advantages that the Association can offer.

For successful and safe freight transport we have currently best developed the following main directions:
Italy – Russia/Belarus
Austria – Russia/Belarus
Germany – Russia/Belarus
Netherlands – Russia/Belarus
Belgium – Russia/Belarus
France – Russia/Belarus
Spain – Russia/Belarus
United Kingdom – Russia/Belarus
Switzerland – Russia/Belarus
Czech Republic – Russia/Belarus
Slovakia – Russia/Belarus
Poland – Russia/Belarus
Lithuania – Russia/Belarus

Our goal is very simple – to deliver your cargoes quickly, safely and at the agreed time.