Driving school

We invite everyone to acquire driver's license A, B, C, CE, D, E. You are welcome at our modern driving school.
ROKAUTA driver education and training school has been operating for the second decade. In the meantime, our trained drivers successfully drive not only on the roads of Lithuania, but also the European Union. Our team's unique long-term experience allows to properly and professionally prepare the driver for modern driving conditions. Our driving school has the most modern training range in the town of Rokiškis, customized for training A, B, C, CE, D and E categories of drivers. Our training range meets all requirements of the State Road Transport Inspectorate under the Ministry of Transport and Communications (No. 2B – 264, 30-06-2011). For theoretical training we use modern methodologies and the latest training materials that are constantly updated. We teach in the Russian and Lithuanian languages at our driving school. 

Our school staff will always make the maximum effort to ensure that future drivers have good driving skills needed to not only pass the examination at the state enterprise REGITRA, but also safely and responsibly use all the benefits of the truck.

Drivers of C, CE, D, E categories are trained on MERCEDES-BENZ vehicle, with a trailer with fixed axles. Prospective heavy duty vehicle drivers have the unique opportunity to learn about the latest and most advanced vehicles currently in service, and there are performance characteristics, innovations and daily driving conditions not only visually, but with hands-on periods. On international transportation the company operates the latest MB ACTROS, DAF IR MAN trucks, therefore, prospective drivers are introduced to their operating principles, technical operating conditions and implemented technical innovations in the real vehicle. Prospective drivers learn about the latest electronic navigation system used for international and local transport management.

Why our driving school?
+ The school applies highly effective training techniques polished to perfection over the long years of practice.
+ The school employers pleasant and friendly teaching staff.
+ Studies are focused on practical training.
+ All training is facilitated by professionals.
+ You can choose the time convenient to you.
+ Flexible payment arrangements.
+ Opportunity to improve theoretical knowledge at no extra charge.
+ Maximum focus on practical driving skills.
+ Strategically convenient location.
+ Our practical driving range is just 200 m away from school and the practical driving time is used rationally and effectively.

Our goal is very simple – to deliver your cargoes quickly, safely and at the agreed time.